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Safety showers

Where and how should the safety shower equipment be installed? Risk of frost? Explosive environment?

Safety shower equipment can easily be customised to make sure that it works well in the environment in which it is installed. For example, the safety shower may need to be frost-protected if it is to be installed outdoors or in unheated premises. When placed in an explosive environment, it is important that the equipment has the correct ATEX classification.

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Installation environment

Diffent types of installation environments:

  • Indoors or outdoors - If the safety shower equipment is located outdoors or in unheated premises and there is a risk of frost, the emergency shower equipment needs to be frost-protected.
  • Explosive environment - In industries where flammable gases and liquids are handled or where dust, vapour or mist is generated that can create an explosive atmosphere, it is important to ensure that the safety shower equipment meets the applicable ATEX requirements for the area where the equipment is to be installed.
  • No connection to the drinking water network - In some environments it is not possible to connect the emergency shower to the drinking water network. A very good and cost effective solution is to install a tank safety shower or a mobile safety shower instead.
  • No access to warm water - Sometimes only cold water is available from the drinking water network. If tempered water is needed for the safety shower, the problem is solved by installing a tank safety shower or a temperature-controlled safety shower, i.e. a safety shower with a tank containing heated water.
  • External factors
    • Corrosive environment - If the safety shower equipment is located in a corrosive environment, it is possible to choose a safety shower in corrosion-resistant material.
    • Risk of damage to the equipment - When there is a risk of the safety shower being damaged by, for example, moving machinery, a safety shower cubicle is a good solution. The cublicle also protects the surrounding area from water splashes.


Many of the eye wash units and safety showers are available in a number of different models for floor, wall or ceiling mounting.


In some cases it is recommended that the safety shower is connected to a drain to reduce the risk of 'flooding' and slipping. In cases when this is not possible, the emergency shower can be fitted with a collection tray.