Telescopic loading spouts

HENNLICH telescopic loading spouts ensure dust-free handling of dry bulk materials, reduced loss of material, along with improved health and safety.

HENNLICH telescopic loading spouts are used for loading open trucks, tank trucks, railcars, containers, ships, stockpiles, etc. The loading spouts are customised according to customers' specific needs.

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Telescopic loading spouts for dust-free handling of bulk material

Below show various application areas for HENNLICH telescopic loading spouts for dust-free handling of dry bulk solids. Contact us for more information.

Open trucks, railcars and containers


Ship loading

Tank trucks, closed railcars and containers

Checklist important parameters

In order to offer an effective and sustainable solution, below are a number of parameters that are important to consider when selecting a suitable telescopic loading spout.

Technical information required for a quotation
Loading to truck typeRoad tanker/Open top truck/Stockpile/Rail car/Ship
Loading capacitytph
Product to be dischargedPlease specify
Particle sizemm
Bulk densitykg/m3
DimensionsExtended length - max (mm)
Retracted length - min (mm)
DimensionsVehicle height (m)
Discharge unit height (m)
Product temperature°C
Surrounding temperature°C (ambient)
Diameter of connecting flangemm
Materials of constructionStainless steel/Painted mild steel
ATEX requirementsEX22/EX21/EX20/None
Connection toSilo/Hopper/Conveyor/Other
Existing dust extractor systemYes/no
Integrated filter system requiredYes/no
ControlsPendant/Control box

Documents for download

YouTube video
YouTube video

HENNLICH Group GmbH offer a wide range of products and components for various industrial processes. HENNLICH is a leading manufacturer of telescopic loading spouts for dust-free loading of dry bulk solids.

HENNLICH has been manufacturing and supplying technical components and equipment since 1922 and is currently represented in 18 European countries.