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Liquid distributors

Liquid distributors ensure an even distribution of liquid over the entire cross-section of the packed bed.

A packed column requires a well-designed liquid distributor system in order to achieve an even distribution of liquid across the packed bed, thus optimising mass transfer across the entire operating range. Other important characteristics of liquid distributors include low gas-side pressure drop, low sensitivity to fouling and low overall height.

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I look forward to providing product advice and solutions! Let's meet via a video call or a site visit. You can also phone or email us, of course.
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Ensure optimal liquid distribution in the column

Factors taken into account when designing a liquid distributor for a specific process are:

  • liquid load
  • operating range
  • liquid properties
  • risk of fouling or foaming
  • allowable liquid entrainment

The number of drip points generally ranges between 60-150/m², depending on the particular application.

To ensure an efficient process, the following criteria need to be met:

  • even distribution of liquid
  • low pressure drop in the gas phase
  • low risk of clogging due to contaminants or solid particles in the fluid
  • wide flow range
  • minimise the amount of droplets entrained in the gas flow
  • ensure even gas distribution
  • prevent liquid-flow channelling in the bed or along the column wall

Different types of liquid distributors


Deck type

Trough type

Ladder type

Spray-nozzle type

Trough-type with integrated parting box

Listed below are RVT's different types of liquid distributors, liquid load, and recommended column diameter.

Model and Material
Design typeLiquid load m3/m2hRecommended column Ø in mmMetalPlasticCeramic
Pan-type0,3 - 200100 - 1600M 150 TP150 TK 150 T
Deck type5 - 200>200M 150 BP 150 B-
Trough type0,3 - 50>600M 150 KKP 150 KKK 150 KK
Ladder type4 - 100all sizesM 150 RRP150 RR-
Spray-nozzle type3 - 200all sizesM 150 SRP 150 SRK 150 SR
Trough-type with integrated parting box--M 150 KQP 150 KQ-

Other types or special designs on request.

Checklist important parameters

In order to offer an efficient and sustainable solution, we list here a number of parameters that are important to consider when selecting and sizing liquid distributors.

Sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to obtain information and data regarding the specific process. Together with our suppliers, we have extensive experience and we can make sound assumptions as a basis for designing the best solution for the process.

Operating data
Volume flow - minm3/h
Volume flow - momm3/h
Volume flow - maxm3/h
Liquid densitykg/m3
Dynamic viscosity of liquidmPass
Surface tensionmN/m
Operating data
Volume flow - maxkg/h
Gas density (operating conditions)kg/m3
Geometrical data
Column diametermm
Opening for installation - ManholeYes/No
Opening for installation - Vessel flangeYes/No
Packing - RandomYes/No
Packing - StructuredYes/No
Packing typePlease state if known
Number of drip pointsper m2
MaterialPlease state
Optional materialPlease state
Preferred type of distributorPlease state
Additional information
Type of feed pipePlease specify
Other requirements/additional informationPlease specify

Optimised performance in mass and heat transfer processes

For optimised performance in a mass or heat transfer process it is important to understand the underlying principles and parameters that are important to consider when designing a column for flue gas cleaning, flue gas condensation or stripping.

Founded in 1976, RVT Process Equipment is a leading supplier and manufacturer of droplet separators, packings, column internals and other products for mass and heat transfer processes.

RVT Process Equipment offers advanced engineering and technical support and has extensive experience in various processes and applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries, power plants, and pulp and paper. The R&D department houses fully equipped test units, available to carry out customer-specific tests when needed.

RVT Process Equipment has subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in Knoxville, USA and in Kunchan, China.