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About us

Hansa Engineering has been operating on the Nordic market for over 30 years, and we have offices in Sweden and Finland. Our core business is industrial spray solutions, but we also work with specific applications in environmental and process technology, including flue gas cleaning, flue gas condensation and tank storage equipment.

We work very closely with our suppliers and partners, all of whom are global leaders in their specialised line of business. In addition to know-how and innovation, our suppliers provide advanced technical support, testing facilities and have great flexibility and ability to create customised solutions when needed.

Hansa Engineerings huvudkontor på Rosenborgsgatan i Solna, Sverige

Hansa Engineering AB

Hansa Engineering AB works on projects in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Office in Solna, Sweden


Hansa Engineering Oy

Hansa Engineering Oy works on projects in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Office in Turku, Finland

Our product areas

We specialise in the following product areas:

Industrial spray processes - complete range of spray nozzles and systems for industrial spray processes, such as humidification, cooling, surface treatment, cleaning, etc.

Tank cleaning - tank cleaning nozzles and solutions, focusing on efficient cleaning results, shorter wash cycles, optimisation of water, chemical and energy consumption, and easy maintenance.

Dust control - mobile and stationary solutions for efficient dust control, resulting in a better working environment, lower energy consumption, less wear and tear on machinery and equipment, and reduced costs.

Droplet separation - removing liquid from an air or gas flow.

Mass and heat transfer - components and solutions for optimising mass and heat transfer performance in a process, for example flue gas cleaning, flue gas condensation or stripping.

Tank storage equipment - tank seals and floating roofs for open and closed cisterns, as well as self-supporting aluminium domes, to protect and optimise the amount of product stored, and reduce environmentally harmful emissions.

Safety showers - freestanding or wall mounted safety showers, tank safety showers and eye showers, creating a safe workplace in an industrial environment. Customised according to customer specific requirements.

Other products - bio-carriers for biological water and wastewater treatment; industrial fans with high energy efficiency, reliability, low noise levels and superior performance.


With sustainable, customised solutions, we contribute to reduced environmental impact, technological development and innovation, and ensuring the industry's global competitiveness.

How do we create added value for our customers?

  • Fast response time and technical support
  • High level of technical expertise
  • Problem solvers and solution-oriented
  • Specialist and industry knowledge
  • Fast decision-making and high level of flexibility
  • Develop and deliver customised solutions if needed
  • Genuinely committed in building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Structured work according to a process that we follow throughout the whole project or enquiry, to ensure that we deliver the right solution according to plan.

Right solution and right product is not only about price, but several other factors need to be taken into account - function, lifespan, quality, choice of material, operating and maintenance costs, and environmental impact. Our goal is to deliver the right solution, which is also sustainable and creates added value for our customers.