Evaporativ kylning for kylaggregat

2024-05-22| Newsletters

Simple and energy-efficient solution for pre-cooling of condenser units during the summer months

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Fiskodling med lax kan vara både landbaserad (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, RAS) eller havsbaserad. Fiskodling är viktigt för den globala produktionen av fisk och skaldjur.

2024-03-26| Newsletters

Innovative and sustainable fish farming with Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

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2023-09-27| Newsletters

We help optimize your spray processes!

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2023-08-31| Newsletters

We have launched our new website!

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BETE Fire Protection Broschure

2023-08-16| Product news

New brochure - Fire protection

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HydroWhirl Stinger HWS2

2023-03-21| Product news

HydroWhirl® Stinger - Rotating tank cleaning nozzle with unique features

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New BETE Hansa Engineering Tank Cleaning brochure

2023-03-16| Product news

New brochure - Tank cleaning

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HydroWhirl Disc BETE Tank Cleaning

2023-03-16| Product news

HydroWhirl® Disc - Powerful and submersible tank cleaning nozzle

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2022-12-15| Newsletters

Impact of droplet size on the spray process

Droplet size is often critical for an optimised spray process. Many processes, such as gas cooling and gas scrubbing, ...

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New product Mini But Mighty HydroWhirl Mini

2022-09-22| Product news

HydroWhirl® Mini - BETE's 'Mini but Mighty' product innovation

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2022-05-12| Newsletters

Innovative art ensemble uses nozzles in their production Fades Away

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2022-01-27| Newsletters

Important factors to consider when designing a spray system

When we develop the right solution and the right product together with our customers, a ...

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2021-12-18| Newsletters

New CEO at Hansa Engineering AB

In recent years, we have focused on further improving our internal processes, deepening our industry knowledge, and delivering according to our customer promise 'Right Solution - Commitment - Technical Expertise'.

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Innovative solution using drones to inspect exhaust ducts on ships

2021-11-25| Newsletters

Innovative drone solution for inspecting exhaust ducts on ships

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Newsletter CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics e1679403590886

2021-10-14| Newsletters

Optimising a complex spray process with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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