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Dust control

Indoor or outdoor dust control?

Factors that need to be considered for indoor or outdoor dust control include temperature, wind and amount of water required to effectively control the dust.

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If dust control is carried out where there is a risk of sub-zero temperatures, the system needs to be equipped with a heating kit. The equipment can then operate in temperatures down to -10°C. In more extreme conditions, the unique V22Orca dust controller works in temperatures down to -45°C.

Wind impact

Wind and other air turbulence, such as moving machinery, can affect results. It is therefore important to consider where and how the equipment is placed, as well as choosing the most suitable type of equipment.

If the wind often blows from a particular direction, a fixed installation may be a preferred option. However, if the wind direction changes frequently, it may be advisable to choose equipment that can easily be moved around in order to make the dust control as effective as possible. Wind impact can also be reduced by placing the system close to the dust source.

Amount of water

Adding too much water can be a problem, both indoors and outdoors. It can lead to a possible safety risk due to ice formation, or the material being handled becoming too wet. Therefore, it is very important that the system is dimensioned to suit specific site conditions, and to be able to control the amount of water as needed.