Safety showers

Can the safety shower be customised to meet specific needs?

Businesses operations vary a lot and have different requirements and guidelines for emergency shower equipment for increased safety in the workplace. It is therefore essential to be able to customise the equipment to meet specific needs and requirements.

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Our manufacturer and supplier FSP-Tech® was founded in 1995 and is today a leading manufacturer in Europe of safety shower equipment for industrial environments, focusing on quality, flexibility and technical expertise. Flexibility and the ability to easily adapt safety showers and eye wash units according to customers' needs is FSP-Tech®'s greatest strength.

Listed in the product datasheets is a variety of options for the standard models. In addition to these options, the safety showers and eye wash units can be further customised, e.g. manufactured according to specific dimensions.

FSP-Tech® safety showers fulfil all applicable regulations and requirements according to AFS 1999:7, 2020:1, EN15154, and ANSI Z358.1.