VaconoDeck internal floating roofs

VaconoDeck is a compact and efficient floating roof for closed cisterns. VaconoDeck is suitable for installation in both new and existing tanks and is compatible with virtually any type of stored product. Reduces emissions by up to 99%.

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Design features

  • Compact and efficient internal floating roof
  • Reduce emission by up to 99%
  • Suitable for installation in both new and existing tanks
  • Manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel or in a combination of both materials
  • Compatible with virtually any type of stored product
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and long operating lifespan
  • The design ensures maximum utilisation of the tank's storage capacity
  • Vacono offers installation supervisors, if needed

Start-up meeting, project review and proposed solution

To deliver the optimal solution, it is important to go through in detail various factors that affect product choice, type of solution, investment objective, and other requirements at an early stage of the project.

Start-up meeting

A start-up meeting is important to find out about a variety of factors that can affect the choice of equipment and solution to achieve the most efficient and sustainable result. At this stage, current regulatory requirements are also discussed.

We pefer to do the start-up meeting as a site visit or web meeting, depending on your preference.

Project review

During the start-up meeting, we review existing documentation and tank data (tank cards, measurements, etc.). Sometimes it is necessary to supplement the information with, for example, a roundness and rim space measurement to optimise the solution and minimise emissions.

Examples of other important factors to discuss and take into account include:

  • Type of product stored today and in the future
  • Tank construction - surface area, open or closed tank, type of floating roof, etc.
  • Desired efficiency
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Impact of external factors such as rain, snow and wind
  • Timeframe for emptying the tank, any repair work on the existing tank, delivery and installation
  • Investment objective

Summary and proposed solution

Using the information discussed during the site visit, we prepare a summary that we review with the client to ensure that we agree on the scope of the project.

The next step is that we put together and present a proposal for a sustainable and efficient solution, focusing on reducing emissions, maximising tank utilisation, achieving the highest possible safety rating and ensuring a long operating life.


Listed below is a selection of companies using Vacono Aluminium Covers' efficient and high quality floating roofs and self-supporting roofs for tanks.

Choose the right tank storage equipment for increased safety and reduced environmental impact

Each cistern is unique and tank storage equipment needs to be customised to achieve the most effective solution. To develop an environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable solution, there are a number of factors that affect the choice of product and type of solution.

Vacono has 35 years of experience in manufacturing high quality aluminium roofs for cisterns. Vacono's aluminium roofs provide efficient protection against contamination of stored product and help to reduce environmentally hazardous emissions.

Vacono's aluminium roofs are made from materials with long life-span and low maintenance costs. All manufacturing for installation in Europe is carried out in Germany, focusing on high quality, precision and high level of production flexibility.

Vacono's headquarter is in Reinfelden, Germany with subsidiaries located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.