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Hiflow® PLUS Packing - Structured packings

Hiflow® PLUS Packing is a structured packing that combines the advantages of random packings and conventional structured packings.

Hiflow® PLUS Packingt is very suitable for processes requiring high capacity at high liquid loads. Typical applications include flue gas cleaning, flue gas condensation, strippers and amine scrubbers.

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Alexander Bergman Droplet separation, Column internals, Spray nozzles & systems, Tank cleaning
I look forward to providing product advice and solutions! Let's meet via a video call or a site visit. You can also phone or email us, of course.
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Linda Caporicci Column internals, Droplet separation, Spray nozzles & systems, Other products
I look forward to providing product advice and solutions! Let's meet via a video call or a site visit. You can also phone or email us, of course.
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Design features

  • Lower pressure drop compared to standard random packings
  • Improved cross flow compared to conventional structured packings
  • Economic production due to reduced raw material requirement
  • No wall wipers required
  • Easy installation in both vertical and horizontal columns
  • It is possible to use the same type of liquid distributor use for random packings
  • Significantly improved resistance against fouling compared to conventional structured packings

Listed below are various sizes of Hiflow® PLUS Packing structured packings. Under the 'Documentation & Videos' tab you will find data sheets with additional information.

Hiflow® Plus Packing

Type sizeWeight kg/m3Surface area m2/m3Void fraction %

Available materials: PP, PPH, PE, and others on request

Checklist important parameters

Listed below are a number of parameters that are important to consider when selecting the right type and size of random packing in order to achieve an effective and sustainable solution.

Sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to obtain information and data regarding the specific process. Together with our suppliers, we have extensive experience and we can make sound assumptions as a basis for designing the best solution for the process.

Operating data
Type of gasPlease state
Gas volume flow (operating conditions)m3/h
Gas density (operating conditions)kg/m3
Gas viscositymm2/s (cP)
Operating pressurebar (a)
Operating temperature°C
Operating data
Type of liquidPlease state
Liquid volume flowm3/h
Liquid densitykg/m3
Liquid viscositycP
Surface tensionmN/m
Geometrical data
Packing type and sizePlease state (if known)
Specific surface aream2/m3 (if known)
Packing heightmm
Column diametermm
Additional information/requirements
MaterialPlease specify
Other requirements/additional informationPlease specify

Optimised performance in mass and heat transfer processes

For optimised performance in a mass or heat transfer process it is important to understand the underlying principles and parameters that are important to consider when designing a column for flue gas cleaning, flue gas condensation or stripping.

Founded in 1976, RVT Process Equipment is a leading supplier and manufacturer of droplet separators, packings, column internals and other products for mass and heat transfer processes.

RVT Process Equipment offers advanced engineering and technical support and has extensive experience in various processes and applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries, power plants, and pulp and paper. The R&D department houses fully equipped test units, available to carry out customer-specific tests when needed.

RVT Process Equipment has subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in Knoxville, USA and in Kunchan, China.