Near-source dust control

Near-source dust control equipment is used for effective dust control close to the dust source.

The near-source dust control product range consists of both high-pressure and low-pressure systems, suitable for installation at crushers, material handling transfer points, and various bulk material handling operations.

Water consumption is relatively low compared to dust controllers and mobile lances.

Choose the right product or solution for optimised dust control

Each dust problem is unique. To achieve the most effective dust control it is important to understand how different parameters affect the choice of product and type of solution. 

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  • How does dust control with water mist work?

    The most important factor for effective dust control is the water mist. Its function is to wet the airborne dust particles, which become heavier and fall to the ground. At the same time, the water mist moistens surfaces (material as well as the ground), which prevents dust particles from becoming airborne. The amount of water mist is adjusted is adjusted to avoid water accumulation on the ground or make the material too wet.

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  • Indoor or outdoor dust control?

    Factors that need to be considered for indoor or outdoor dust control include temperature, wind and amount of water required to effectively control the dust.

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  • Is the dust problem at a specific point or over a larger area?

    When choosing dust control equipment it is important to know if the dust problem area is at a specific point or over a larger area.

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  • Fixed installation or will the equipment be moved around on site?

    What type of work is carried out at the site and what does it look like in the area near the actual dust source? Wind impact? Machinery, personnel and vehicles in motion? Other possible safety hazards?

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  • Is electricity and water available at the site?

    When electricity or water is not available in the area where dust suppression is to be carried out, a mobile solution with a water tank and/or a generator is a good solution.

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  • How should the equipment be monitored and controlled?

    Factors to consider when choosing a control system include equipment accessibility during operation and workplace safety. In many cases, automated control and monitoring of the entire system using CURT Management software can save costs and increase safety.

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  • Why is optimised and effective dust control important?

    Dust creates negative effects for employees, the company and the environment and can lead to serious consequences if dust problems are not addressed properly and in time.

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