Tank cleaning

What type of product does the tank contain?

Tank content characteristics will identify the amount of cleaning power required. The required cleaning force, toghether with the type of cleaning fluid used in the process, gives a good indication of which tank cleaning nozzle is most suitable for the process.

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Some of the main considerations regarding tank content are:

  • Is the product easily soluble?
  • How sticky is the product?
  • How viscous is the product?
  • Toxic? Corrosive? Explosive?
  • How valuable is the product? Recyclable?
  • Does the product change properties when wet or dry?
  • How quickly does the product need to be removed from the tank?

Sometimes choosing the right type of tank cleaning nozzle is relatively simple. If the product in the tank is easily soluble, a static or rotating tank cleaning nozzle is a good choice. However, if the product is very sticky and viscous, a jetting tank cleaning machine might be the best solution.

In other cases, the choice is less obvious. For example, the speed of product removal might be very important due to the nature of the product. If the product dries very hard (e.g. a resin) and impossible to remove once it has dried, it is vital to remove the product as quickly as possible. In this case it is important to choose a tank cleaning nozzle or machine that can complete the entire wash cycle before the product has dried.