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Tank cleaning

Vessel design and attributes? Are tank drawings available?

Vessel design is important when choosing the right tank cleaning equipment. Tank size and shape, together with other equipment inside and adjacent to the tank are important factors. A drawing can be of great help in designing and planning mounting points and installation of tank cleaning equipment.

Tank cleaning Knowledgebase

Tank size and shape

Diameter and height

The diameter is important to ensure that the tank cleaning nozzle can generate sufficient throw length and force/energy to clean the tank surface effectively. The height is also important, the distance must not be too large. Two tanks with the same diameters but different heights, may require two completely different solutions to achieve the desired result.


The vessel could be designed in a way that the angle of the nozzle jets agianst the tank surface greatly varies, which in turn may affect the cleaning result in different parts of the tank.

Equipment inside and adjacent to the tank

Baffles, mixers, agitators, pipes, etc. inside the tank affect which type of tank cleaning nozzle to choose, as well as the number of nozzles required to achieve a good result. It is also important to know the optimal nozzle placement/mounting point.

Agitators and mixers

If an agitator is installed in the centre of the tank, two tank cleaning nozzles are often required, one on each side of the agitator. Sometimes it is also useful to install additional static nozzles to ensure that hard-to-reach areas of the tank are cleaned.


Baffles often create problems with shadows and the best solution is to install several tank cleaning nozzles in the tank.

Pipe connections and tank opening

The number and size of pipe connections, as well as the size of the tank opening, is important to consider as it affects which nozzle type and size to choose.

Tank drainage

Tank drainage-by-gravity rate is important to know in order pevent liquid form rising during cleaning. Ensure that the drain can handle whatever fluid volume enters the tank. An accumulation of cleaning liquid at the bottom of the tank, will affect the cleaning result.