Dust control

How should the equipment be monitored and controlled?

Factors to consider when choosing a control system include equipment accessibility during operation and workplace safety. In many cases, automated control and monitoring of the entire system using CURT Management software can save costs and increase safety.

EmiControls CURT Surface WEB

Manual control via a control panel

The equipment can easily be controlled manually via the very user-friendly control panel, see video.

YouTube video

Remote control

A remote control can be a good option when, for example, it may be difficult to access the equipment during operation or purely for safety reasons.

The remote control:

  • is very user-friendly with distinct symbols on the buttons
  • has a large emergency button
  • a lost remote control can easily be replaced with a new one by using an ID key
  • comes with a protective case

CURT - Automated monitoring and control

CURT is a management software that monitors all dust suppression equipment and controls the entire system in real time.

At sites where operations regularly generate dust, information (such as weather, amount of dust in the air, and time) can be used to automatically determine when the system should be in operation and how it should be controlled.

There are many benefits. It means, for example, that staff do not have to be out on site as much - switching equipment on and off. It is also a safety issue. Automated monitoring and control leads to further cost savings as the system is only running when there is a need for dust control.