Dust control

Fixed installation or will the equipment be moved around on site?

What type of work is carried out at the site and what does it look like in the area near the actual dust source? Wind impact? Machinery, personnel and vehicles in motion? Other possible safety hazards?

V12s Hansa Engineering

Type of installation and location of the equipment is important to consider in order to achieve an optimal result. For example, if the dust source is at a specific point, a fixed installation is usually most suitable. In some businesses, the dust source is constantly moved and a mobile solution will be the right choice.

Dust controllers can be equipped with different types of undercarriages to suit a specific business activity or location. For example, a dust controller can be placed on a lift to avoid it being in the way of machinery and personnel. A trailer can be the best option in order to easily move equipment around the site, depending on where the dust control needs are.